Scene Response

North Flight Aero Med, operated by Spectrum Health Hospitals, covers northern Michigan and beyond with critical care air ambulance services. The helicopter, a Sikorsky S-76, is one of the most powerful and reliable aircraft in service today and is capable of speeds up to 180 mph. The interior is designed for advanced trauma care, placing medical equipment, blood and medication within easy reach of the medical flight team.

The North Flight Aero Med team brings expertise, fast transport and treatments not usually available on ground ambulances. The team carries O negative blood and plasma on every response so that resuscitation can begin immediately with what many trauma patients need most: blood. TXA is administered under protocol to help control bleeding. The team now also carries hypertonic saline to care for patients experiencing severe head trauma.

Expedite the response of North Flight Aero Med by putting us on standby, or using the Region 7 Auto Launch criteria. The clinical criteria of the Auto Launch protocol is based on the CDC trauma triage guidelines, which predict which patients will need transport to a Level I or II Trauma Center. For details on the flight times between destinations, download our Flight Times PDF.

North Flight Aero Med

Flight Times

Flight Times - North Flight Aero Med

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Landing Zone Training

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