Based in Traverse City, Michigan, a North Flight Aero Med team, operated by Spectrum Health Hospitals, can be airborne within minutes to transport a patient from an emergency scene or to transfer them between medical facilities. The King Air B200 airplane, can transport patients anywhere within the continental United States.

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The aircraft and staff are top flight. Request your medical air transport with North Flight Aero Med and know you’re teamed up with the best in the sky.

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North Flight Aero Med

The primary response teams include pilots, registered nurses and flight paramedics who specialize in transporting and treating critically ill and injured patients. All team members are certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), pediatric (PALS), neonatal (NRP), and trauma care.

The joint venture partners of North Flight Aero Med have been accredited for critical care air transportation by the Commission on the Accreditation of Medical Transport System (CAMTS). This means that the highest standards in both the medical and aviation industries have been met.

Frequently Asked Questions

Every insurance plan is different and is a contract between the patient and the insurance company. North Flight Aero Med does not check insurance status in a medical emergency. We take care of the patient.

However, North Flight Aero Med is a participating provider, which helps limit the out of pocket costs for our patients. As a participating provider, we have agreements with all of the major insurance companies and payers in the state of Michigan. This means we accept a pre-determined reimbursement for services rendered, whether that is a scene response or a facility transfer. Insured patients who receive air transport are only billed for a co-pay, deductible, or any non-covered portion of the service. Our billing office works with the insurance company to obtain the best reimbursement allowed under the patient’s policy.

If time permits, it’s always a good idea to contact your insurance company to review your ambulance coverage and ensure you have air and ground coverage. You should also ask about any special requirements that may need to be met. Usually, there is a phone number on the back of the insurance card.

Three questions insurance companies often consider when deciding to pay any air or ground ambulance bill include:

  • What does the specific policy cover?
  • Is it medically necessary for this transfer to take place?
  • Is the transfer being made to the closest facility that can take care of the medical condition?

For more information, contact our Flight Communications Center at 1.800.922.6170 or email. Our billing office can be reached by phone at 1.866.766.0310, or email.

Financial Assistance

We can assist you in applying for state Medicaid assistance, local county agency assistance, federal or other charitable programs. North Flight Aero Med also may reduce or eliminate patient financial responsibility for medically necessary and appropriate treatment where the patient qualifies under financial hardship guidelines. Determination of financial hardship is based upon a percentage of established Federal Poverty Income Guidelines, household income and assets.

To apply for financial assistance per the North Flight Aero Med Financial Assistance Eligibility Policy, you will need to complete a written application and provide any information that is reasonably necessary to verify your financial information. Any patient in need of information on how to apply for financial assistance should call the Billing Office 800.862.0921 Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Confidential Financial Assistance Application
Financial Assistance Policy

Yes, in some cases, a passenger can fly with the patient without cost. This is decided on a case-by-case basis by the pilot and flight team.

North Flight Aero Med EMS is 24/7 operation available to transport patients in an emergency. We are en route in a matter of minutes.