To request air transport, callĀ 1.800.862.0921

North Flight Aero Med, operated by Spectrum Health Hospitals, can be activated by any medical authority, including 911 dispatch centers, hospitals, physicians, nurses, police or fire departments, EMS providers, marine safety officers, and park service personnel.

Use air transport if your patient meets one or more of the following:

  • Meets ACEP/NAEMSP criteria
  • Requires air or critical care (physician discretion)
  • Requires an RN during transport
  • Requires two skilled care providers
  • Would benefit from decreased out-of-hospital time
  • Ground transport time is more than 30 to 60 minutes (per Medicare)
  • Needs time urgent interventions

If you are an individual experiencing and emergency, please call 911.

Flight Times

North Flight Aero Med Flight Times | Download Printable Version


Landing Zone Training

North Flight Aero Med Landing Zone Book | Download Printable Version