Crew and Aircraft

North Flight Aero Med, operated by Spectrum Health Hospitals, covers northern Michigan and beyond with a critical care configured Sikorsky S-76 helicopter available for scene response and inter-facility transports. North Flight Aero Med also operates a King Air B200 airplane available for long distance inter-facility transfers.


The skilled professionals of the primary response teams include registered nurses, paramedics and pilots who are specialists in transporting critically ill and injured patients. All North Flight Aero Med clinical personnel are certified in advanced trauma, cardiac, neonatal, and pediatric critical care.

North Flight Aero Med is accredited by the Commission for the Accreditation of Air Medical Services (CAMTS). This means that the highest standards in both the medical and aviation industries have been met.

Aircraft Information

King Air B200

  • Cruising Speed: 335 mph
  • Maximum Speed: 339 mph
  • Range: 2,074 miles


King Air B200

King Air B200




Sikorsky S-76

  • Cruising Speed: 155 mph
  • Maximum Speed: 178 mph
  • Range: 473 miles




North Flight Aero Med - Medical Professional