Inter-Facility Transfers

When a patient needs to be transferred to a different hospital and time is critical, our team can quickly and safely make it happen. With the ability to choose between two excellent aircraft with different speed and weather capabilities, North Flight Aero Med can get your patients to the definitive care they need.

  • Patients who are transported by air will have less time outside the hospital, which is important for unstable patients. 
  • Continued training, peer review and multiple certifications make North Flight Aero Med staff confident and ready to be part of the patient’s care team from the moment they reach the bedside. 
  • Blood, pressors, ventilators, hemodynamic monitoring critical care and severe trauma cases are all in a day’s work for our team. 
  • Flight communications staff ensure that the process moves smoothly, logistical details are handled and that you are kept informed. 
  • Liquid oxygen is available to meet the needs of the high oxygen demand patient.
  • Neonatal teams from both Munson Medical Center and Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital transport the littlest of them all, accompanied by a flight team member.

Transfers can be requested by hospital administrators, nurses, physicians or other appropriate medical personnel.

Do medical facilities have to get a pre-authorization?

Some insurance companies require a pre-authorization for specific services such as air transport. These are requirements of the insurance company, not of North Flight Aero Med. We do not ask for evidence of pre-authorization before we care for your patient. Our intent is to care for your patient as quickly and professionally as possible.

Following required insurance guidelines can help prevent patients from being billed for non-covered services. The referring hospital staff has the responsibility to notify the insurance company and obtain pre-authorization. North Flight Aero Med billing personnel are available to assist with the process by phone at 1.866.766.0310 and will also work with the insurance company to get retrospective authorization if possible.

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